This website is updated far less than it should be—occasionally because I’m trying to work on my novel or my latest piece of freelance, but mostly because I’m watching re-runs of Mad Men and thinking too much about fictional characters’ backstories.

I’ve been published in All About HistoryHistory of WarThe Lady, and SciFiNow, amongst other magazines, and I’m always keen to write about my widespread variety of passions, particularly literature, history, and film. For a full list of published articles and features, you can go here.

(I’ve recently spent a lot of time thinking that I needed to be this or that—especially in the competitive writing world—forgetting that, actually, I can be both—because I am both. One interest doesn’t preclude or exclude another. I can talk to you as excitedly and as sincerely about the soldier-poets of WWI as I can about fictitious pirates and the beauty of Sinatra, I promise. Why limit ourselves, right?)